Startabox/Continuity System

Startabox® - Reinforcement Continuity System

The concept and use of reinforcement continuity strip systems or ‘pull-out bar’ systems has been widespread in Europe and further over the last 30 years, and is a widely accepted means of providing reinforcement continuity across construction joints in concrete. The system utilises the concept of overlapping reinforcement to provide a connection.




The Startabox system consists of specially selected, high yield reinforcing steel, housed in a fully perforated and hot dip galvanised carrier unit. The unit ends are sealed to prevent the ingress of concret

The reinforcement used is CARES Approved and cut and bent to conform to BS8666. The system is assembled in a BS EN ISO 9001 factory environment and the full system carries a CARES Technical Approval.

The product design ensures fast and easy faxing by nailing to the formwork or tying to the existing reinforcement. Bars are quickly bent out using the specifically designed re-bend tool.

When compared to traditional methods, the product offers a cost saving by means of a less labour intensive installation process and a simplification of formwork.

Most joints in concrete, on many different types of construction site, have the potential to be formed using Startabox. Startabox has been supplied to high rise commercial buildings, water treatment plants, hospitals, prisons, energy from waste facilities and many more types of construction site.

Typical Joint Applications

  • Walls
  • Brick Support Nibs
  • Corbels
  • Floor Slabs Corbels
  • Balconies
  • Launder Channels
  • Stair Landings
  • Precast Slab Interfaces
  • Cantilever Slabs
  • Stairway Applications




Startabox® - Standard Reinforcement Continuity System

Although most Startabox units are made to order using the engineers original rebar details, there are occasions when time pressures do not allow this and a quicker supply is required. Last minute drawing changes or rescheduling of pour sequences can require another solution.

For this reason, a full range of Startabox standard units are kept in stock for rapid dispatch. The range covers a wide variety of wall and slab thicknesses and caters for the most popular bar diameters and bar centres. Standard units can be easily ordered using the relevant stock code below.

  • Standard units containing 12mm rebar are supplied with 500mm lap bars.
  • Standard units containing 16mm rebar are supplied with 650mm lap bars.


Bar Spacings



Item CodeBox Width (MM)Bar Dia (MM)Bar Centres (MM)Lap length (MM)Single Hook BarDouble 'U' BarBox Length (MM)Pack Size
KH08102S801215 80 12 150 500   1200 Each
KH08102S801220 80 12 200 500   1200 Each
KH08102S111215 110 12 150 500   1200 Each
KH08102S111220 110 12 200 500   1200 Each
KH08102S111615 110 16 150 650   1200 Each
KH08102S111620 110 16 200 650   1200 Each
KH08102S141215 140 12 150 500   1200 Each
KH08102S141220 140 12 200 500   1200 Each
KH08102S161215 160 12 150 500   1200 Each
KH08102S161220 160 12 200 500   1200 Each
KH08102S191215 190 12 150 500   1200 Each
KH08102S191220 190 12 200 500   1200 Each
KH08102S191615 190 16 150 650   1200 Each
KH08102S191620 190 16 200 650   1200 Each
KH08102S241215 240 12 150 500   1200 Each
KH08102S241220 240 12 200 500   1200 Each
KH08102S241615 240 16 150 650   1200 Each
KH08102S241620 240 16 200 650   1200 Each

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