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Credit Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for Credit Facilities with Express Reinforcements Ltd

Before starting your application for a credit account with us, please ensure you have the listed documents below. Without these you will not be able to proceed with your application as these are required for our credit checks.

  1. Your Company Letter Head
  2. Two Trade Reference contact details, including contact number and e-mail address
  3. A copy of your VAT Certificate

Please refrain from using the "&" ampersand symbol during the application form as this may cause delays in us receiving your application

Once the application has been completed and the required documents uploaded a £1.00 deposit into our bank account is required to help prevent against fraudulent activity. Bank details are provided at the end of the application.

Please Note: The £1.00 credit balance will be added onto your account once the account has been setup for you to deduct in your first payment to us.

Everything marked as * is a mandatory question

We would recommend opening the application in Google Chrome

Section A - (To be completed by all applicants)
Would you like to receive your Invoices & Statements via PDF: *
Section B - Company Details (To be completed by Limited Companies only)
Section C - References (To be completed by all applicants)
Section B - Company Details (To be completed by Sole Traders, Partnerships etc.)
Section C - References (To be completed by all applicants)