Express Reinforcements drive for continual improvement in the way steel reinforcement is detailed, fabricated, assembled and placed on site through collaboration has been borne out by it being involved in some of the most demanding and complex construction projects in the UK.

Our continual focus on buildability solutions has resulted in the creation of its product and delivery concept called MODEX.

Working with contractors as part of an integrated team we use our MODEX delivery concept to map the value stream to identify and remove waste from design, detailing, manufacture, assembly and placement of steel reinforcement.

Our product development over the years continues to evolve, resulting in us offering our customers a choice of product families which can suit differing applications of project construction.

These include:

  • Buildability
  • Concrete/rebar modelling/detailing
  • Loose cut/bent bar
  • Carpet reinforcement solutions
  • Flat pack reinforcement for easy ‘on site’ assembly
  • Factory assembled prefabricated units

The UK construction industry is fast requesting more ‘Off site’ manufacture of prefabricated steel reinforcement.

ERL are the UK leader of ‘off site’ modular steel reinforcement products which are assembled in a safe and quality controlled factory environment and are delivered ‘just in time’ to the UK construction projects.

All work carried out prior to delivery is checked and approved working collaboratively with the contractor.

This service provides the project with a gain from a reduction of expensive skilled labour, significantly less risk to the safety of the ‘on site’ employees, increased speed of construction by the placement of modular products into the pour area directly from the truck.

Express Reinforcements are at the forefront in supplying some of the most important Nuclear, Building and Civil Infrastructure projects across the UK.

We offer a robust transparent steel delivery solution from our upstream parent steel mill, through our fabrication facilities to the construction project.

All steel reinforcement supplied by Express complies with the latest British Standards and Industry Quality Accreditations and is fully traceable back to the mill.

All raw material (scrap) purchased by the mill is sourced from within the UK and the steel reinforcement is produced from 98% recycled material.

With greater emphasis being placed on the use of sustainable products sourced from local producers our steel reinforcement fully complies with industry requests.

With the additional benefit of having BRE accreditation our product gains valuable BREEAM and CEEQUAL compliance and awards.

We are continually developing sustainable products and delivery solutions right across the supply chain.

At Express Reinforcements, collaboration with the customer is a key driver to a successful delivery process.

From the first project start up meeting where all challenges are identified to the point of delivery where our contracts team provide exemplary customer service.

With our commitment to superior service and product, we strive to continue our growth and success across the UK.

Express Reinforcements – the market leader in steel reinforcement, buildability, innovation and dedication to its customers and service.