From the team who have been instigating throughout and beyond the last decade:

Pour layout detailing with 3D rebar modelling


Modelled in 3D therefore:

Congestion and clash remediated before it gets to site.

Experienced detailers familiar with pour layouts and understanding fixing issues


Understand UK construction methods

3D modelling of complex or difficult areas identifies clashes early,

these can then be resolved with the Engineers and Builders before they become costly problems on site


Models can be used by consultants for checking and by builders as a visual aid both before and during the construction process

As part of a supplier we know:

  • Cutting and Bending limitations
  • Transportation constraints
  • Coupler solutions

UK based

You can reach us on the phone we will visit site immediately for:

  • Design discussions
  • Buildability discussions and smart solutions
  • Carpet and Prefabrication possibilities
  • Progress meetings

ERL will help you build smarter with Engineered Detailing Solutions