Loop Boxes

Loop Boxes
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The Loop Box is a simple and highly efficient product that is used to join precast elements together or precast to in-situ. It is mainly used in the connection of slabs, walls and columns.

The connecting loop is made of high strength galvanised wire rope, and is protected by the galvanised metal box, which is sealed by a tape covering.

The Loop Box can be easily installed in both precast factories and In-situ. When the units are ready to be connected, the sealing tape is removed and the wire loop is locked into position using the JBS Locking device (Patent Pending). The JBS® locking device allows easy and accurate placement of the connecting rebar by ensuring the loops are held at 90° to the box axis.

The Loop Box allows tension forces and horizontal / shear forces to be transmitted at joint positions.

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Loop Boxes
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Loop Box 80mm
Loop Box 100mm
Loop Box 120mm
Loop Box 140mm

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